Authentic Classic Range

Classics live forever


There is nothing quite like taking a spring trip on a classic motorcycle to reawaken your senses after the gloom of the winter.

The basis of reliability is the authenticity of the parts that you fit, to keep your classic bike ready to be ridden. And there are no parts more authentic than those supplied by Lucas, the name that would have been O.E. on many classic British motorcycles when they first rolled off the production line.

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Lucas Authentic Classic parts ensure that your bike can be used, regularly, without it just being a nostalgic recollection of your youth, kept in a garage and considered as too delicate or unreliable to be taken for a spin whenever you feel the need for some classic speed.

Back in the late 19th century, someone had the bright idea of mounting an engine onto a pedal cycle and the motor cycle was born. In fact, Lucas was thinking on two wheels as early as then, founded in 1875, the same year that the petrol engine was first patented.

The Lucas Classic Motorcycle range covers bikes from the early days, right up to the mid 1980’s, and most of the parts we make were fitted as original equipment on classic British models. From wiring looms, ammeters, switches and ignition coils, to rear lamps, stators, dynamo and magneto spares, all Lucas Authentic Classic parts are manufactured to the highest standard for quality and performance. Since we began our business with the historic “King of the Road” cycle lamp in 1878, we’ve never looked back – and neither will you.