Authentic Classic Range

Classics live forever

Shot on location at Mellington Hall, Shropshire

Since the very first wheel on the very first car hit the road over a hundred years ago, Lucas has been at the forefront of component manufacture and supply for both OE and the aftermarket.

We’re proud of our heritage. It’s what sets us apart from the rest. And now, we are celebrating that heritage with a new range of classic parts specifically designed for restorers, workshops and drivers who want to keep their vehicles classic on the inside as well as the outside.

Lucas Classic parts are often reproduced from original tooling or, when this is not available, from exact replicas of the products we made 50 years ago or more.

With Lucas parts, you can expect exact bolt for bolt fit and take pride in the knowledge that you have chosen a part of outstanding quality that keeps your classic vehicle genuinely true to the original.