Authentic Classic Range

Classics live forever

Lucas Classic batteries come with 110 years of successful history.

Your cherished classic car or motorcycle needs to be as authentic as possible so that its integrity and value are maintained. But it also has to be useable, day in, day out, and to be able to cope with modern road conditions that are very different to those of the years in which the vehicle was manufactured.

This is the guiding principle behind all Lucas Authentic Classic parts: truly original, yet capable of excellent and reliable modern performance. And nowhere is this truer than with the introduction of our new range of Lucas Classic batteries.

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The Lucas battery story starts in 1911, when electric projectors were introduced powered by a King of the Road accumulator – this was effectively the first Lucas Battery. It came in 2 sizes, the 8-volt being able to power 2 8cp projectors + 4cp side and tail lights for 12 hours, and the 4-volt which could run side and tail lights only for 16 hours. These accumulators were produced in the Great King Street factory in Birmingham.

Since then, the modern range of Lucas batteries has become a global programme that uses the most technically advanced materials and designs. Much of the research and development that has gone into the development of the modern ranges is incorporated into the Classic batteries that we are now able to offer. However, this is not apparent just by looking under the hood – every detail of the original King of the Road batteries is faithfully reproduced, from the moulded rubber casing to the terminal fixtures to the Lucas Classic trademarks.

Lucas Classic batteries give you the best of both worlds. A truly authentic look, made by the same brand that made the original, but updated with modern AGM technology so that your classic vehicle will always start and perform whenever you need it to.

No more frustrating cranking!