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Classics live forever


‘Go anywhere, anytime’ Classic Vehicles resonate passionately with Lucas Classic parts, as Lucas was the originally specified O.E. supplier for many of them. Proven by durability, as well as the ability to take hard and rough use, many of the original vehicles are still used today in various parts of the world, actively engaged in providing reliable service in conditions such as desert or flood. If you need 4 x 4 parts that you can rely on to take this kind of pressure, as well as keeping your vehicle fully authentic to the specification of the original in both performance and looks, you should fit the parts that your 4 x 4 left the factory with – Lucas.

Discover 4x4

Authentic Lucas Classic supplies quality parts that 4 x 4 users across the world will welcome. With constant investment in the very best practices to produce our products, as well as with specialist staff, equipment and processes, we have absolute confidence in providing a comprehensive guarantee, backed by relevant quality certificates. So, you can buy Lucas Classic 4 x 4 parts safe in the knowledge that they will perform, trouble-free, as expected.